Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a pre-written arrangement for USD $19.95?

On the catalogue page, click the “Buy Now” button for your chosen song, and pay via PayPal.  When you have completed your purchase, your download will begin automatically.

I made a purchase, but the download didn’t start, or was interrupted.  How can I get my files?

If you have any problems with your download, please email me and I will email you a direct download link for your arrangement immediately.

I bought an arrangement from you a while back, but now I’ve lost all the files!  Help!

No problem, drop me an email and I’ll send you another link.

So what’s included in the download?

All the instrument parts as A4 pdfs – horns, rhythm section, a vocal score, a piano/vocal chart, even a conductor’s score and a lyrics sheet.  Also… the .sib Sibelius project file, an .xml file, a MIDI file, an mp3 of the full arrangement, an mp3 backing track, and an mp3 click track.  All this is included in your downloaded zip folder.

How big are the downloads?

Usually, 15-25 MB.

I want to edit the arrangement myself, but I use another music editor, not Sibelius.

No problem – your download includes an .xml file.  This can be imported into Finale, MuseScore, Notation, or any other music score software.  Also included is a MIDI file, which can also be imported into a variety of useful applications.

I need the pre-written arrangement in a different key.

No problem, email me and I’ll make the change – this costs an extra USD $25, so the total charge for a key-changed arrangement is USD $44.95.

I need the pre-written arrangement with different instruments.

No problem, email me with your requirements, and as above, there will be a small additional charge to make the changes.

I need several of the pre-written songs made up together into a medley.

Nice idea!  Email me what you need and I’ll let you know the quote and waiting time.

Nice catalogue, but the song I need isn’t there.

The catalogue is regularly updated so please keep checking back!  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, you’ll receive notification whenever a new arrangement is added to the catalogue.  If you need something written to order, no problem – email me and I’ll let you know the cost and waiting time.


How long will it take to make my charts?

Single songs and medleys – within 2 weeks.  Full shows – within 1 month.  Let me know your deadline, I always confirm a deadline date for completion of a job before starting work.

How can I send you the music?

Simply email me the audio file of the source material you want scored.  Alternatively, email me a YouTube link to a song, or any web link.  Hand-written scores – please scan and email, or photocopy and post.

How will I receive my scores?

Via email as A4 printable .pdf files, and .mp3 audio files, or printed and posted.

Can you supply my scores printed and taped?

Yes, but this will incur an extra fee for labour and registered postage.  I can supply the scores printed, taped, and organised into folders.

Can you create click tracks?

Yes, and I will recommend to you if a click track is necessary for your arrangement.

I am a singer and have a song I want to perform with my band, but I’m not sure of the key.

If you’re not sure of the key, but you do know your top vocal note, I can advise an appropriate key.

There’s a song I really want to sing, but I’m not sure it’ll work with a live band.

Email me as much information about what you want to do with the song, and I will do my best to advise.

I am a solo instrumentalist who performs with orchestras.  Can you create arrangements for me?

Yes!  I am regularly asked to create virtuosic solo arrangements of famous pieces for soloists who perform with reading bands and orchestras.  Email me and we will work together on bringing your adaptation to life.

I am a singer and have been performing to backing tracks for a while.  I am about to make the step into the world of cruise ships, with live musicans.  Help!

Don’t worry!  I can create your charts to sound exactly like your backing tracks.  I also supply practice mp3 files, which I create directly from the written musical score, to help you prepare for your performance with the live band.  Typically a modern cruise ship orchestra consists of 3 or 4 brass, guitar, bass, keys and drums.

Can you re-write my hand-written charts?

Yes I can – send me your existing charts as photocopies via postal mail (please do not send originals), or scans via email.  It’s always a good idea to have hand-written charts converted to computer print (this process is called copying or engraving).  If it’s your only copy, or an old, heavily-performed chart, get it engraved by a pro before it’s too late!

I already have charts, but they’re incomplete.

Often singers already have charts they know work for them – eg. piano / vocal scores.  But usually this type of sheet music is not appropriate to give to every member of the band / orchestra.  I can take whatever charts you already have, and return you a complete arrangement, with individual parts for each musician.

I have a new idea for a song I want to add to my show – let’s shorten the intro, then kick into a fast chorus, and then we’ll go into a latin breakdown…

Great!  Put all your ideas, as detailed as possible, in your communication with me.  I can help you bring your vision to life.  Every step of the way I consult and communicate, and when creating new arrangements I provide mock-up audio files for my clients to listen and approve, before I send the final charts.

What software do you use?

All my scores are created on the industry-leading Sibelius music notation software.  My audio tracks are created using live instruments and voices, and a mixture of VST plug-in instruments from Kontakt, Sampletank, and Cakewalk Studio Instruments.  I use Battery 4 for all drum and percussion programming.