Whether you are about to perform at sea for the first time, or an experienced guest entertainer, I can help you ensure that your live musicians have the great charts they need on the night to make your show a success.

Already have backing tracks?  I can write your charts to match your tracks.  Same keys, same arrangements.

Need material adapted for cruise ship orchestra?  No problem.  I can take your source material and orchestrate your charts to make the most of the modern day cruise ship orchestra line-up.

Typically, a modern cruise ship orchestra consists of Drums, Keyboards, Electric and Bass Guitar, and three, four or five brass (Trumpet 1 or 2, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone and Trombone).

My cruise ship-friendly arrangements are tailored to work with these orchestras.  I supply every instrument part you will need to make your show work.

I am extremely experienced at arranging for cruise ship brass section, and will ensure that your horn parts are arranged effectively.  Typically I arrange for 5 brass, but the same parts can be taken to a 3 or 4 brass line-up on another ship and will still sound full.

If necessary, I can also create click tracks.  This is a good idea if your show relies on track elements not covered by the orchestra – eg. backing vocals, strings, extra keyboards and synths.  The click tracks blend with the live band on the night, resulting in a jaw-dropping full sound.

My charts are performed regularly by a wide variety of professional entertainers onboard P&O, Princess Cruises and Royal Caribbean cruise ships.

Contact me for a fast and competitive quote – pete@prosheetmusic.com